Arturo Durazo

Graduate Student

Arturo Durazo

Focused in Medical and Cognitive Anthropology, Arturo received his B.A. in Social Sciences at University of California at Irvine in 2006. Between then and entering his doctoral program in 2011 at University of California at Merced, he has held roles in the public health, health care delivery, and academic sectors addressing public policy, health communications, and health decision making. Currently a PhD candidate, he focuses on psychosocial factors that promote protective behaviors among those with disproportionate burdens of illness associated with membership in low socio-economic and ethnic minority groups.   Under the supervision of Linda Cameron and guided by self-regulation theory, he examines how illness and risk beliefs, particularly those relating to fatalistic control beliefs, influence emotional reactions such as illness worry and, in turn, either motivate or deter protective health behaviors.  These findings are used to guide the development of tailored health communications to promote adaptive health decision making. His current research includes projects healthy Hispanic/Latino participants who are at risk of diabetes, including the development of culturally appropriate mHealth programs for promoting healthy diet and physical activity. In his dissertation research, he is focusing on promoting healthy behaviors among cancer survivors.

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